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Pelican Canvas has been revolutionizing the luxury yacht and boating scene in South Florida. We design, produce, sew, and cut a variety of marine canvas and upholstery using avant-garde equipment and sophisticated machinery. With our years of experience in the field and our line of tools, we fight for the quality and service we offer to design and produce custom upholstery for boats and luxury yachts. Speak with us today to learn more about our boat cover manufacturing services in Florida.

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While out on the waves, your boat is at risk all the time. If it isn’t the heat and the sprays of salty water that’s ruining the interiors…


We understand the negative effects of excess rain and sun, which can deteriorate your boat’s exterior, interior…


At Pelican Canvas, we create gorgeous interiors with our love of aesthetics while respecting your space. We strive for excellence…

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What the Pelican’s Soaring Secret?

A combination of quality products and professional service is our fool-proof recipe for success. We ensure that our boat covers are sewn by the most seasoned hands, and are cut using sophisticated canvas cutting equipment. From the curves to the tiniest details, we strive for perfection. Our covers are long-lasting, sturdy, durable, and are cut to fit your boat just right. We have a variety of colors and use fabric produced by leading companies in the market. From fasteners to grommets and from snaps to the fabric, we prioritize using the finest tools in the market to produce premium marine canvas and covers.


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