A First-Time Boat Owner’s Guide to Marina Products

//A First-Time Boat Owner’s Guide to Marina Products

A First-Time Boat Owner’s Guide to Marina Products

If you’re finally chasing your dream of owning a boat, it can be overwhelming. There’s a lot more to it than it seems, given that boats are such a massive investment to make.  Once you’ve made the down payment, scheduled monthly payments, gotten a hold of your baby, figured out where you’ll keep her—what do you do next?

It’s difficult to know exactly what your boat needs. Thankfully, there’s a wealth of information for boat owners in the form of web content, tutorial videos, bloggers and writers sharing their personal journeys and hundreds of social media spaces where you can connect with other cruisers.

Not every boat needs everything—for instance, a small speedboat has very little use for a fishing net and fittings, but a sports fishing boat needs it.

What marina products does my boat need?

At Pelican Canvas, we have a range of marina products suited to different boats and servicing different purposes.

If you’re in Florida in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, or Hollywood, you can get in touch with us to learn more about how you can make use of the following:

1) Boat Covers

These help keep your boat safe no matter what the weather conditions are. If your boat is docked outdoors, it’s vulnerable to nature’s forces, including rain, wind, sunlight and even water from the sea. These can help by acting as a protective barrier. We offer custom boat covers for clients in Florida, so get in touch with us.

2) Boat Enclosures

Boat enclosures are a great way to prevent wind, surf and sunlight from affecting you while you’re cruising. Boat covers can shield your open boat from these factors, making it easy for you to use your boat and even enjoy added benefits.

3) T-Tops and Bimini Tops

These are different from enclosures, since they only really shield the top of the boat. They act as great protection from the sun and the heat, while still allowing wind through. You can enjoy the open water without having to suffer sunburns! The best part? They’re collapsible, so you can put them down when they’re not in use.

4) Windshield Covers

Also very handy, windshield covers are a great way to prevent the heat—and peepers—from getting in. You get the privacy to change, or if you’re staying on your boat too. Windshields can heat up a lot during the summer, making your boat stuffy. Investing in these for longer cruises and summer time is a good decision.


You can contact us for all your marina upholstery needs too. We’re happy to help you get the boat of your dreams! Find our services here.

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