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The finest protection for your vessel in South Florida!

At Pelican Canvas, we manufacture some of the finest canvas covers for boats and yachts in South Florida. We use only the best and most durable fabric and hardware to create the perfect cover for your vessel.

Being an avid boat owner, our CEO is aware of how the elements of nature can have harsh effects on the structure and integrity of the boat.

Our canvas boat covers are made with water and mold-resistant fabric that can withstand strong rains and high-speed winds. The material of the cover is vented for breathability to prevent the growth of mildew and allow ventilation of fresh air.

Our custom covers are extremely durable and have superior tear strength to maintain its integrity. We’re committed to client satisfaction and offer a wide variety of customizable covers to suit each client’s needs.

All our custom canvas boat covers are light-weight yet sturdy and are affordable for all kinds of boat owners. Contact our staff for an estimate for a custom cover.

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