Protect Your Boat from Foul Weather With our Custom-Built Enclosures!

Pelican Canvas is one of the top manufacturers of premium-quality marine products, canvas fabrics, and boat enclosure designs. Over the years we’ve perfected the optimal designs for your boats and luxury vessels. We understand the negative effects of excess rain and sun, which can deteriorate your boat’s exterior, interior, and diminish its structural integrity. Keeping that in mind, we provide a variety of options such as polycarbonate, mesh screens, and canvas enclosures. The enclosures are easy to assemble and can be removed without much hassle. They protect against UV rays and bad weather for the boats while it’s docked and out on the open seas.

Our enclosures are extremely practical and require very little maintenance. We offer both, partial and full enclosures depending on the level of protection required against the elements. A partial enclosure allows you to enjoy the view and the cool sea breeze. On the other hand, a full enclosure can really enhance the protection and look of your boat.

We offer custom designs for boat enclosure according to the style, shape, and size required by our clients. Investing in the right kind of boat enclosure can extend the life of your boat as well as protect it against foul weather!

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