A city in Broward County in Florida, Hollywood hosts 154,000 people as of 2019. One of South Florida’s more populated cities, Hollywood lives up to its hype. A major city under the Miami metropolitan area, it’s actually Florida’s 12th largest city. However, despite being one of the bigger and more densely populated cities in the state, it’s a relatively young city compared to others. .

Known for its beautiful beaches along the Atlantic, the city was originally called “Hollywood by the Sea.” Hollywood’s claim to fame is a deep-water seaport—Port Everglades, which is also the busiest seaport in Florida.

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Attractions in Hollywood

Not only is Hollywood one of the biggest and busiest cities in Broward County, but it also has a great many recreational activities and options to offer. With some 60 parks within its vicinity, Hollywood’s residents are naturally more inclined toward the outdoors. Restaurants, malls, parks add to the outdoor city experience that the city promises. Food trucks are widely popular, and residents can find cuisines from all over the world on any street near the sea.

The de facto attraction, though, are the beaches, which run along the shore for many miles. Hollywood Beach, in fact, has become very well-known for a boardwalk that is 2.5 miles long and runs along the Atlantic Ocean. Hollywood’s residents often find themselves out by the sea, taking in the breeze and mesmerizing sunset that the city has to offer. The Intracoastal Waterway is likewise popular, with many guided tours being offered. Many mansions are nestled in the shore, neighboring the Ocean, which is almost always dotted with yachts.

The Boating Scene in Hollywood

Tourists usually visit Hollywood in the hotter season, to better enjoy their summer holidays while lounging on a stunning Holly Beach. The clean and well-maintained beaches are considered “Instagram-worthy” by many, making the beaches very popular with the younger generation.
Since boating pictures have also lately flooded Instagram, residents and tourists are putting Hollywood’s yachts to good use. While residents take them out on hot summer weekends to cool off, tourists usually charter one of many luxury yachts being offered by private firms.

Boating Accessories

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