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Home to some of the whitest beaches along the coast of the Atlantic, Key Biscayne is a buzzing city with much promise of outdoor adventure and recreation. Golf and kiteboarding, boating and windsurfing, bicycling and sailing—these are only some of the many outdoor activities any Key Biscayne resident loves while growing up.

A typical Florida island town in Miami-Dade, Key Biscayne has a population of over 13,182 people. Located in the South of Miami Beach and connected through the Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne is directly exposed to the mighty Atlantic and offers some great sunset views to vacationers.

The Weather in Key Biscayne

The climate for most of the year in Key Biscayne is akin to a tropical savanna—it’s hot, it’s humid, and even the winters are warm. Although hurricanes are occasional, they are minor, and rarely ever lead to landfalls.
Due to the stormy seas and generally scorching climate of the island throughout the year, residents have a special love for boating. With many boats and private yacht rentals, the boating scene in Key Biscayne thrives all year.

Boating Accessories in Key Biscayne

Pelican Canvas provides the following services to Key Biscayne boating enthusiasts:

Seating and Upholstery Design: Upholstery for yachts and boats including foam cushions, helm seats, gallery seats, seat covers, marine-grade carpeting, and more.

Boat Covers: Lightweight, durable, and custom made in a variety of styles and colors. Select from our wide range online.

Tops: T-Tops and Bimini tops to be customized for the clients’ boats; made from high-grade, water-resistant, and weather-proof fabric.

Enclosure Design: Customized enclosure design engineered to align with the boat lines.

Windshield Covers: Protective, custom-made windshield covers to stand against debris, etc.

Marine Interiors: A wide range of premium and chic marine interior accessories to best decorate a yacht with. These are among some of our best-loved items when it comes to luxury yachts.

Boat Interiors: Services available for both resident-owned boats and luxury yachts. A team of professionals works at your vessel to create streamlined, practical, and eye-catching boat interiors. We work flexibly within the allotted budget.

Pelican Canvas has worked with Key Biscayne boating enthusiasts for many years and has always strived to provide quality service to its clients. We provide clients the opportunity to get a free estimate online, to better gauge their budgets.

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