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Lighthouse Point is a famous Fort Lauderdale suburb in Florida. As is obvious by the name, the suburb houses a landmark lighthouse—the Hillsboro Inlet on Hillsboro Beach. With a population of 10,344 people, Lighthouse Point comes under Miami’s metropolitan area and houses three important beaches: Deerfield Beach, Hillsboro Beach, and Pompano Beach.

Lighthouse Point is renowned for its beaches, coves, resorts, scenery, and many entertainment options: from restaurants to luxury yachts, which can be chartered for a relaxing ride. Many people in Miami and in Lighthouse Point specifically, already own yachts and use them for personal recreation. The average Lighthouse Point resident loves a day out in the sun on the sea with family and friends.

Boating Accessories in Lighthouse Point

The boating enthusiasts of Lighthouse Point are upscale, elegant people who like everything beach-perfect. The same applies to their boats, which they take great pride in and take great care to maintain. Private companies that often charter luxury yachts to tourists and travelers also require a reliable boating accessories store to cater to their needs.

Pelican Canvas provides solutions for all these problems, providing high-quality and durable products and services to Lighthouse Point residents. Our clients have the unique option to visit our online store and choose from a variety of canvas design, enclosure design, and upholstery. From our seams to ensuring that the fit is just right, and from eye-catching canvas design to durable upholstery, we ensure quality at every step of the process.

The Best Time to Go Boating in Lighthouse Point

If you’re a tourist to Miami, you’d want rainless days and clear skies for a fulfilling luxury yacht trip. You should visit Lighthouse Point from November to May, where the temperature ranges from 65°F and 80°F. Early March is often the time when most visitors turn up on Lighthouse Point’s many beaches for a boat trip. August is very hot, and December is usually the coolest.
On the flipside, if you’re into storms and windy seas, post-May heralds the stormy season. You can expect rain from late May to late October, whereas October to May is usually dry. If you’re looking for cool waters for a sunny dip and a dive, February is your best friend.

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