Miami is known for many things: Cuban food, beaches, and boats. The first image that pops into people’s minds when they think of Miami is the blue water and the sandy shores. On any normal day, especially in the summers, Miami’s coastline is strewn with yachts. Miami residents love the outdoors, no matter the heat—from golf to boating and fishing, many go out to relax in the cool sea breeze as the hot season rolls in.

Officially known as the “City of Miami,” Miami is the heart of South Florida: dominating the culture, the economy, and pretty much everything else. Stretching from the Everglades to Biscayne Bay, Miami is one of the biggest cities in the country. The heavily populated city houses more than 440,000 residents.

In Miami, Florida, even the boats are kept in style. Get in touch with Pelican Canvas to order custom boat canvas, marine upholstery and boat enclosures that are sure to protect your vessels against anything thrown at them.

Boating in Miami

When a city’s port is called the “Cruise Capital of the World,” you know that the boating scene there is big. The Port of Miami is famously known as the world’s best cruise passenger port. The world’s best cruise ships and passenger traffic are accommodated here.

Additionally, the residents of Miami are also lovers of the open sea, with many owning their own boats. Private companies rent out their well-kept yachts to the many tourists who flood Miami over the course of summer. In any year, Miami hosts nearly 4,500 visitors—making it the second most-toured city in the country after New York.

Finding Boating Accessories in Miami

Pelican Canvas has become one of the leading South Florida boating accessories providers in recent years. From producing premium-quality boat covers, durable upholstery, and aesthetically striking enclosure design, Pelican Canvas takes the South Florida marine canvas scene to another level. At Pelican Canvas, the focus is placed equally on both: the quality and long-term durability of the product and the aesthetic beauty of it. Boating interior and accessories that Pelican Canvas provides include:

  • Canvas Boat Covers
  • Biminis Top
  • T-Tops
  • Seating and Upholstery Designs
  • Enclosure Design
  • Yacht Interiors
  • Boat Interiors
  • Windshield covers

No matter the demand, Pelican Canvas can take care of it. We take care to deliver the products you order in a timely manner. We prioritize professionalism above all else.

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