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A Broward County seat in Florida, Pompano Beach runs along the coast of the mighty Atlantic Ocean and is located near Fort Lauderdale. Hillsboro Inlet is also located nearby. Part of the Miami Metropolitan area, Pompano is currently developing as a city famous for its beachfront.

Pompano also has a famous downtown and exciting nightlife, both of which draw swathes of tourists into the city. Pompano is very much an “it” city and has previously been featured in the Wall Street Journal and CNN for its real estate market. The most famous landmark in the city is the Pompano Beach Airpark, as well as the Goodyear Blimp.

Housing a population of 109,380, Pompano also attracts a great number of tourists to its shores every year, especially in the summer.

Major Attractions in Pompano Beach

Every year, the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival draws out seafood enthusiasts from all over Miami and beyond. Additionally, there’s the St. Patrick’s Irish Festival, Pompano Beach Holiday Boat Parade, the Annual Nautical Flea Market St. Coleman’s Italian Festival, and the Holiday Yuletide Parade. While in the city to attend these festivals, tourists often feel the need to charter one of Pompano’s famous luxury yachts.


Pompano Citi Center, Festival Flea Market Mall, and the Pompano Beach Art Gallery all remain some of the most popular attractions.

Boating in Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach residents have always prized owning a well-oiled yacht for the hotter days when they can go out to the sea and have some of that fresh sea breeze refresh them. Pelican Canvas delivers boating accessories to clients and customers in Pompano Beach within the given timeframe. With premium-quality products that are overseen by in-house experts, Pelican Canvas ensures that the quality of these products is not compromised. Upholstery design, canvas, Bimini/T-Tops, enclosure designs, boat covers, and seating are among the many services that are provided by Pelican Canvas.

Pelican Canvas ensures that all important factors are being taken into consideration before delivering the final product: from the general climate to the durability of the material involved, nothing is left to chance. We ensure that our clients find the best fit for their boats, and that they receive the deliverables in a timely manner. Years of experience and professional service has earned Pelican Canvas many loyal clients from Pompano.

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