Top 3 Tips To Extend the Life of Your Boat

//Top 3 Tips To Extend the Life of Your Boat

Top 3 Tips To Extend the Life of Your Boat

Boats and yachts aren’t easy investments; you’ll need to put in a lot of work to maintain them. But, every boating enthusiast will tell you that maintaining your hull is worth the effort! Plus, it extends the life of your boat, giving you and your family many more years of enjoyment.

Can’t remember the last time you cleaned your boat or performed any type of dock maintenance? Let us help you out. Here are some tips on prolonging the life of your boat:

1. Clean your boat as often as you can

Proper boat care doesn’t just involve keeping your vessel looking squeaky clean, but also preventing your vessel from getting damaged. Small scratches caused by water or debris can lead to a worn out and corroded boat. In fact, studies show that approximately one-third of boats sink due to corrosion or extreme wear and tear.

Therefore, it’s important to clean your vessel regularly, preferable on land, so that the dirt remnants don’t end up polluting the water. Remove the grime from the sides of the boat and the motors to prevent corrosion damage.

Additionally, you can use a wire brush to clean out parts of the engine. Also, be sure to thoroughly clean out the cooling systems, trailers and any fishing gear that you might have. Using biodegradable and environmentally friendly products that don’t contain substances like baking soda or borax, save both your boat and the environment from damage.

2. Nail down the wax routine

If your vessel is in the water more often than it’s out, it’s important to dedicate an afternoon waxing your hull—you’ll have to take the boat out of the water for this.

First and foremost, invest in a high-quality wax that also offers UV protection. Then wash your boat thoroughly and leave it out to dry—wax doesn’t just lock debris in, it also locks it out. Keep in mind to use a non-toxic boat cleaner, considering that land-based sources cause 80% of the total marine pollution.

After applying a coat of wax on the dry boat, buff it thoroughly. Buffing ensures an even coating and leaves your boat looking its best!

3. Protect it from the environment

Several environmental factors damage your boat on a daily basis; temperature and humidity changes lead to repeated wet-dry cycles, ruining the strength of your hull and causing unexpected leaks. In addition, the salt air, occasional hailstorms, dirt, pollution and strong winds, all take a toll on your boat’s structural value.

This is why you need to invest in boat covers, boat enclosures and Bimini tops. Full boat enclosures protect your boat from weathering—especially when you’re out at sea—while boat and windshield covers protect your interiors from fading due to UV rays.

Your vessel can last for years with premium marine canvas!

We provide top-of-the-line boat canvas and upholstery in Boca Raton, Florida to prolong the life of your prized possession. From custom boat enclosures to a variety of Bimini Tops for boats, we have it all!

Get in touch with our staff for more information.

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