Why You Should Get a Custom Bimini Top for Your Boat

//Why You Should Get a Custom Bimini Top for Your Boat

Why You Should Get a Custom Bimini Top for Your Boat

If you’ve been a boatowner for some time, you’re probably aware of what a Bimini top is and why it’s one of the best investments for your boat. However, if you’re relatively new to the whole boating thing, let us enlighten you.

A Bimini top is a marine covering that usually goes over the helm of the boat. In case you haven’t already noticed, sometimes, when you are out on the sparkling waters of the Florida Bay, there isn’t a lot of cover to protect you from getting baked. That’s where Bimini tops come in.

Let’s look at some of the key reasons why you should get a Bimini top for your boat:

Ensure Your Comfort

Most people take their boats out on sunny days and plan on spending the entire day on the open seas. A lot of boats have open cockpits, which means that there is no escape from the sun’s rays for the captain.

A Bimini top can be raised manually in a manner of minutes and can instantly provide shade to the captain and the passengers. It also keeps you from getting dehydrated and lets you spend more time on the water without getting uncomfortably hot and sweaty.

Protect Your Skin

A Bimini top is an easy and cost-effective method of adding some shade to your boat so you can enjoy the day out at sea without worrying about trivial stuff such as sunburn.

While it might seem like a small thing, the endless assault of UV rays can lead to more than sunburns. The harsh rays of the sun are one of the leading causes of skin cancer.

A Bimini top adds a layer of protection especially in case you have forgotten your sunscreen at home!

Avoid Getting Soaked By Rain

The weather can be quite unpredictable at times. A Bimini top can make sure you don’t get soaked in case it rains while you are out on the water.

It also protects the cockpit by covering it adequately. If you have any seats and other upholstery in the cockpit that is exposed, a Bimini top can prevent it from getting damaged from both the rain and too much sun!

Get Customized Bimini Tops from Pelican Canvas!

Pelican canvas in Florida offers an exclusive range of elegant T-tops and Bimini-Tops. Our custom Bimini tops are designed to provide the perfect shade without blocking the refreshing sea breeze. They are made from the best and most durable weatherproof materials, ensuring protection for your boat and its passengers.

We also provide custom boat enclosures and canvas boat tops for boat owners in Florida. Give us a call today at 305-900-3993 for more information.

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